Nordic Noir
This isn't Hollywood. It's ice-cold, dark and brutal Nordic storytelling. So satisfy your craving for chills and twisted thrills with Nordic Noir.
The Third Eye
We follow the story of police detective Viggo Lust as he tries to solve a series of cases while trying to find his daughter, who has been missing without a trace for four years.
Katarina Huss is a newly graduated police officer on the streets of Gothenburg. She soon discovers that her colleagues are carrying a great secret. How far is she willing to go to be a part of the team?
Thin Blue Line
An intimate portrayal of the daily life of four police officers, where the line between private and professional life blurs out as tensions heighten in the lively and crime-ridden city of Malmö, Sweden.
The Hunters
Erik quits police work and hides himself away. He is reluctantly drawn back into police work when he helps Markus, the local mining entrepreneur. But Erik’s routine search for Markus’s attacker takes an unpleasant turn.
The Sandhamn Murders
Based on Viveca Sten's popular novels, we follow crime inspector Thomas Andreasson from the Nacka police department as he, together with his colleague Mia, solve mysterious crimes on the island of Sandhamn in the Swedish archipelago.
Cell 8
Police officers Ewert Grens and Mariana Hermansson investigate the worst possible consequences of the death penalty, with repercussions that reach from Death Row in Ohio to the Stockholm Police Headquarters.
The gated community is trying to cover its tracks after discovering an infiltrator among them. But when a suspicious accident with connections to Jordnära occurs, a local police officer starts investigating.
The Protectors
As violence and terror become increasingly globalized, the Danish government has set up the elite Personal Protection Unit, whose top bodyguards form a tight-knit community of friends who live and work together.
The Lawyer
As a child, Frank witnessed the death of his parents. When he discovers that his parents' killer is one of his law firm's most important clients, he becomes obsessed with revenge.
The lawyers at Heder face their most difficult case yet when a popular women's running race is targeted by a terrorist attack carried out by members of the incel movement.