Nordic Noir
This isn't Hollywood. It's ice-cold, dark and brutal Nordic storytelling. So satisfy your craving for chills and twisted thrills with Nordic Noir.
Rolf Larsen, a decorated detective in Copenhagen, is shattered when his baby vanishes. A DNA discovery 5 years later ignites a ray of hope. Will justice be served or will the past haunt him forever?
The Protectors
As violence and terror become increasingly globalised, the Danish government has set up the elite Personal Protection Unit, whose top bodyguards form a tight-knit community of friends who live and work together.
The lawyers at Heder face their most difficult case yet when a popular women's running race is targeted by a terrorist attack carried out by members of the incel movement.
The Team
The Team is formed from a number of national police agencies, attempting to solve a series of cross-border murders and frustrate the plans of unscrupulous criminal organisations across Europe.
The Lawyer
As a child, Frank witnessed the murder of his parents. When he discovers that his parents' killer is also one of his law firm's most important clients, he becomes obsessed with revenge.
Face to Face
After the death of his daughter, everyone, friend or foe, is subject to interrogation with no methods off limits. But at what cost? Unravel the dark secrets in this red-threaded crime anthology.
A gated community tries to cover its tracks after discovering an infiltrator among them. But when a suspicious accident with connections to Jordnära occurs, a local police officer starts investigating.
Katarina Huss is a newly graduated police officer on the streets of Gothenburg. When she discovers that her colleagues are hiding a big secret, how far is she willing to go to be a part of the team?
Snow Angels
Two days before Christmas, while Sweden is paralyzed by a heavy snowstorm, Lucas's five-week-old baby inexplicably disappears from his home. The experienced police officer Alice thinks that something is not right in their parents' stories.
Black Sands
Anita, a DI in her thirties, is forced to return to the hometown she fled 14 years ago. When the body of a young woman is found, she is dragged down into the dark abyss of her past, looking for a possible serial killer.